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social media period positive partnersIntroducing… #periodpositive Partners!

Since comedian, designer, education researcher and #periodpositive founder Chella Quint coined the term “period positive” in 2006, she has used this alliterative and catchy phrase in her popular zine and comedy show, Adventures in Menstruating, in installations and campaigning and has always invited others to join her. “It’s to show that we’re not afraid to challenge taboos and talk confidently and openly about everything menstrual, no matter how much we know or how we feel about periods, whether we menstruate or not.”

Over 12 years later, #periodpositive is often used by campaigners worldwide as a shorthand to indicate this update in attitudes, and the menstrual taboo landscape is starting to change.

Chella’s view on this: “I think people like the phrase ‘period positive’ because they realise it isn’t about skipping through a meadow, singing about how wonderful periods are. You can still hate your periods, or be indifferent to them, or not even have them; it’s about having a positive attitude to talking openly and challenging taboos about reproductive health.”

The best way to challenge these taboos once and for all is through education – because, like Menstrual Hygiene Day asserts – Menstruation matters, for everyone everywhere. (www.menstrualhygieneday.org)

Now, Chella has combined her findings from her master’s degree, as a teacher researcher with DECSY’s Gender Respect Project, her art, and her comedy and invites supporters to become #periodpositive Partners and grow this movement together. 

Similar to the way the #periodpositive charter can work for organisations,

There are some excellent resources and organisations out there that fit in with Chella’s #periodpositive vision. To help supporters of #periodpositive find others who match these values, and bring some focus and action-taking to this movement, Chella is working with a team of advisers across sexual health education, diversity and inclusion, design and marketing to develop the #periodpositive Partners award. This award will officially lend the #periodpositive name and emblem to projects, resources and campaigns that share the same taboo-breaking ethos to let others know that you’re committed to working together to challenge the menstrual discourse. If you would like to share a resource you’ve created, recommend one created elsewhere that you’ve used successfully in an education project, or find out how to apply to use the #periodpositive logo alongside your own, sign up below.

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