Welcome to the home of Period Positivity!

We’re so glad you’re here!

But actually… you can’t just say you’re period positive, you know – you’ve got to work at it. Period positivity is a great way to open yourself up to relearning menstrual literacy… and it’s easier than you think!

Sometimes folks don’t know that when they say ‘period positive’ this means a specific set of inclusive values and high standards developed through founder Chella Quint’s research and outreach work since she coined the phrase and started promoting it through her hashtag, zines and live events. We ask partners and fans to agree to some basics. Our ‘red lines’, if you will. That’s why the phrase was coined and the logo and framework designed. We hope you’d like to champion these ideals too.

Want to support the campaign and be more period positive? Commit to one pledge at a time, several at once, or all of them, and share the images below on social media to spread the word and talk about what you’re doing to support these values.

The Period Positive campaign and the concept of period positivity started as a phrase coined by former head of PSHE, comedian and education researcher Chella Quint, grew into a campaign, a trademark, a charter programme and a movement. If you’d like to earn the charter mark and apply for a licence to use ‘period positive’, promote period positivity or display the logo, please get in touch via the contact form.

Period Positive used with permission.