In praise of Chella Quint and Period Positive

“Chella Quint is a force of nature.”

“Chella Quint is a force of nature. A young clever comedian, like many of her peers before her she found that the research that went into preparing her comedic observations became something of a mission and campaign over time. ‘Adventures in Menstruating’ and ‘Lifting the Lid’ show her powers of historic and contemporary observation and wit…
“More recently (and not before time), there has been a heartening feminist twist in the development of advertising for feminine hygiene products…I have no doubt that the work of  Chella Quint and others will have influenced this extremely positive development in popular culture. Most importantly, though, she speaks warmly, humorously and honestly about an experience shared by most women the world over for about 40-odd years of their lives. She advocates that both girls and boys should be properly taught about this aspect of life before the nonsense, fear, revulsion or shame sets in. I could not agree more.”

– Shami Chakrabarti, Of Women: In the 21st Century

“It was such a pleasure to have you in and the students just loved the session. I had some of those students the next morning (still wearing their stains, as was I!) and they wanted to share the experience. We had a really positive discussion and I found that you had given the students had the confidence to push back at some challenging questions and statements from their peers.” –  UCL Academy Director of 6th Form

“Research from the Sex Education Forum found that one in four young people don’t learn about menstruation in lessons before they reach puberty, demonstrating a real need for better education in this area. Period Positive does just that and more, through fantastic resources that challenge misinformation about menstruation and offer an alternative to the narrative that we shouldn’t talk about periods. With Brook, FPA recently ran a workshop with young people, asking them to evaluate the kind of relationships and sex education they wanted. They loved Period Positive’s LGBT+ inclusive approach, and the fact that lessons not only deal with issues related to menstruation management (including less well-known reusable options), but also support young people to critically analyse the messaging they hear about periods and address issues like period poverty.” –  Laura Russell, Policy and public affairs manager, FPA (Family Planning Association)

“This change in law means that the Government will be looking to develop new RSE guidance, and we’re keen to make sure that the decisionmakers are aware of the very best examples such as this. We hope that the programme being delivered by #periodpositive will be replicated across the country, so that all young people can benefit from the high quality, age-appropriate relationships and sex education they deserve.” –  Natika Halil, FPA Chief Executive

“It’s testament to the brilliant campaigning work that Chella’s put behind Period Positive that Sheffield will now become the first #periodpositive city. This is a huge step forward in empowering everyone to be able to learn and talk about menstruation and ensuring we adapt long term solutions to tackling issues around period education and period poverty.” –  Louise Haigh, MP for Sheffield Heeley

“Period Positive provides well-researched guidance on menstruation education which is an essential element of gender equality work in all schools. The Gender Respect Project at DECSY recommends the #periodpositive Charter and it will be incorporated into a wider Gender Equality Charter Mark being developed with other European countries.” –  Helen Griffin, Education adviser, DECSY (Development Education Centre, South Yorkshire)

“It was WONDERFUL to meet you and my daughter looked like a huge weight was off her shoulders, she smiled a lot after.  It worked!! You have normalised and lightened her load and I am forever grateful Chella. I feel you did in an hour what weeks of family therapy has been unable to do and you did with such sensitivity, kindness and sweetness AND on top of that made it fun and informative and hugely funny too, you really have helped us so much.  Thank you so hugely.” –  a parent in London after a bespoke one-to-one mum and daughter session

“Very interesting and important work in menstruation education. Please keep us updated on your work!” – a World Health Organisation consultant

“I interviewed Chella for the BBC Radio 4 documentary ‘A Bleeding Shame’ which examined attitudes to menstruation and why it’s important for all of us to be able to have a normal conversation about periods. Chella’s contribution to the programme provided invaluable educational, social and historical context. Chella has a unique way of being able to get across really important messages in a thought provoking style combined with her straight talking humour. Public engagement at its finest!”   –  Jane Reck, Producer of  ‘A Bleeding Shame’

“I don’t think I could articulate exactly how it felt when you empathised with us and it has been like finding buried treasure being able to read your article in the guardian and seeing views of you and others that I share on social media.” –  a parent in the north west of England in praise of Period Positive

“I am blown away by what you have here. I am so excited. I had a conversation with my mentor last night about the issues that women face with their periods and said I need to do something to make ts positive. I started my research and landed here first. Thank you so much for this initiative!!!! – April Scott of Pinkhouseinc.org

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