Global Champions

Our Global Champions network allows us to work closely with and learn from strategic partners whose values align with Period Positive – anywhere in the world. The Period Positive Pledge addresses common threads found in all types of barriers to menstrual literacy, and we are proud that these solutions are championed by powerful thoughtleaders alongside sibling organisations at a global level. Keep coming back to meet more of this team as their profiles are added, and reach out to them if you would like to connect or ask for support in their region. If you are interested in becoming a global champion, please reach out to Chella through the contact page.

Jedidah Malkia Lemaron is the Executive director at The Malkia Initiative Foundation, which works to enhance the enrollment, retention, attendance and transition of girls in school through mentorship and implemention of Adolescent Sexual Reproductive Health and rights (ASRHR) programs in Kajiado, Kenya.

Lisel Lifshitz of Michoacan, Mexico co-founded Vulva Sapiens, a women’s research collective on self-managed gynecology and body literacy, and is a board member at Mujeres Aliadas, a non-profit organization working to promote sexual and reproductive rights and provide holistic sexual and reproductive healthcare for and with women and adolescents, based on the model of Professional Midwifery.

Iris Josephina, founder of Cycle Seeds, is a certified Holistic Cycle Guide, Hormonal Health Coach and Doula with an academic background in medical anthropology & women’s studies. She also qualified in holistic women’s health, traditional midwifery practices, and trauma-informed coaching. Based in Malta, her work focuses on gaining body literacy and revolves around menstrual and life cycles from periods to postpartum.

Jennifer Maxwell is the Founder and Executive Director of Real Education for Dignity (RED-Liberia), a non-profit organization that creates menstrual health awareness and teaches and provides sustainable and environmentally friendly menstrual products to menstruators in Liberia. She is also a SHE-CAN scholar studying business at Muhlenberg College (Pennsylvania).

Zoe Chan is the founder of Happeriod, Hong Kong’s one-stop platform for all things menstruation. In addition to selling menstrual products, Zoe provides education about menstruation, body autonomy and gender equality, which helps everyone with debunking social norms and misunderstandings, loosening body restrictions, choosing a more suitable menstrual product, and ultimately building body autonomy.

Nora Pascual is a teacher and researcher who is passionate about menstrual taboo-breaking, literacy and access. She has been a secondary school teacher in England and Hungary for the past ten years and has recently moved back to Spain where she has been working in primary schools. While in Spain, Nora has been completing her MA in Applied research on feminism, gender studies and citizenship at Universidad Jaume I. Her dissertation will be the first one in Spain to cover the topic of period poverty in schools. Nora hopes to develop tools to influence policy working with local residents and colleagues across the world to facilitate better menstruation education and challenge stigma. You can follow her steps on Instagram and Twitter.

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